Liana x Nico

I created Timeless to ignite emotions and nostalgia through the power of scent for a sensory experience like no other. Through my years of experience I have come to recognise how important each of our senses are when it comes to sparking memories which is why I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce our partnership with Six by Nico.

Founded in 2017, Six by Nico offers a unique dining experience which changes every 6 weeks providing a new and exciting story each inspired by a different place or memory. Nico Simeone, founder of Six by Nico, is all about creating immersive experiences both in his restaurants and through his at home experiences. Deciding to collaborate was an easy decision for both of us with our shared passion for cuisines and scent; the perfect marriage for our senses. Nico and I, being family, have experienced similar childhoods. From the importance of family being together to lengthy hours sitting around the dinner table obsessing over food.

Growing up in our Italian families we never underestimated the influence and impact they have had on our own journeys. Together we wanted to show the significant our family is by naming the first Timeless collection of scents ‘Roots”, each named after our young family members.