Liana's Story

I am truly passionate when it comes to composing fragrances - my creations are built around the emotive response that scent portrays. Scent has the incredible ability to ignite memories, transport you to past times and hold onto moments we all experience and love. 

Creating stories for my perfumer and working on ingredients for our emotive fragrances from my workshop in Glasgow’s west end is one of my most favourite things to do. 

I opened my first beauty salon when I was just twenty years old and have over twenty years experience in the wellness industry. In 2014, inspiration for her fragrance company was sparked by clients who would tell her they wished they could bottle the feeling they had after an aromatherapy treatment.

It was then that I focussed on creating scent that had the power to reignite feelings and emotions in people. Since launching, she’s worked with hospitality to create scents to enhance experiences.  

I enjoy cooking at home at the weekend for friends and family. Being Italian, I have grown up with food being an integral part of my family’s life. My favourite festive scent memory is walking into my parents house, My Mum and My Nonna would be baking the infamous traditional Panettone and the scent of citrus fruits, warm buttery sponge instantly transports me happy times with my family around the dining table with lots of love and laughter.