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3 Litre Deluxe Diffuser - Ariella - Berries and Bay

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Scent your home with this elegant and show stopping diffuser centrepiece, filled with Ariella - Berries and Bay fragrance. An eye catching design is complimented with long black reeds for ultimate chic. Our 3 Litre diffusers last up to 24 months, delightfully dispersing powerful fragrance throughout your home.

Follow our care guide for optimal scent experience.

About the scent:  


Named after my niece, Ariella is a punchy scent with hints of fruit and spice. Balanced and grounded with blackcurrant and blackberry, its savoury note of juniper contrasts with fragrant bay. Oak wood give it an earthy base.

Inspired by relaxing family walks through the countryside on a lazy Sunday

Personality / Character: Vibrant, confident and connected to nature. A subtle sophistication conceals an eager curiosity. Realists who relish fun and cherish home will love this.



Glass  ~300mm

Black Reeds ~500mm





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